THE GLOWBOX --- Illumination to Light Up the Night

The Glowbox is a beautiful illuminated box with inter-changeable faces of BlockART Prints images etched in gold and silver mirrored plexiglas. The handmade box reminds the viewer of milk glass from earlier times. The images are one-of-a-kind, hand-carved block prints created in the Medieval tradition and etched by laser into the mirrored material. The soft light throws no shadows, yet bathes the darkness with a soft glow that allows nighttime navigation of a room without having to turn on a bright light. Perfect for children's rooms as well, since there are no shadows to create strange shapes that can keep a child awake. Images for the holidays all year round, the seasons, florals, birds, animals, fish, scenes, and more.

Click on the ART for living Today STORE menu to purchase your Glowbox and select the image insert of your choice. Remember, you can purchase Theme SETS of four inserts for the price of three in addition to the insert you select as the first one.

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